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Countdown to Verizon Contract Expiration
August 5, 2023


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Today District 1VP Dennis Trainor and Verizon Sr.

The District and Verizon have extended the home garaging agreement for the ninth time. The agreement is now extended to April 30th 2021.  The link for the Letter of Agreement is below.

Verizon and District 1 have entered into a letter of agreement which adds Target Date Funds to the savings plan in the 401k.  The letter of agreement is attached below.

Verizon and District 1 have extended the home garaging agreement for the 8th time since the beginning of the pandemic.

The ongoing agreements between District 1 and Verizon have been extended for those members who are working from home or participating in home garaging.

Good day brothers and sisters, our partners at Blue Ocean Wealth Solutions are proud to announce a new schedule of webinars beginning in February.

NettWorth Financial has a couple of exciting announcements to begin the new year for our members.  There a new webinars scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2021 beginning on Thursday January 21st.

Attention members the Local 1106 Daniel Carter Scholarship application has begun.

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