Monday, July 20th: Join the Movement

Dear CWA Family,


Next Monday, July 20th, CWA will join with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the Teamsters, the Teachers Union, and several community-based organizations to hold a “National Strike/Day of Action for Black Lives.” This coalition is picking up on the example CWA set on June 11th, with our national 8:46 work stoppage to commemorate the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.


The Day of Action aims to link together the struggles for racial and economic justice, and to demand action to address the systemic racism which underlies so much economic inequality in this country. We demand guaranteed sick pay, affordable health care, strengthened health and safety protections for essential workers, and stronger organizing rights for all workers. Click here to read more about the Day of Action.


As on June 11th, we are asking all members and Locals to find ways to participate that work best for the members in your workplaces and Locals. Here’s what we recommend:


  • Hold a socially-distanced picket line at lunchtime or before or after work, with signs declaring “CWA Supports Black Lives" (available for download here) or with your own similar message of support and solidarity. Check with your Local Union for the plan in your area.
  • If you can’t get to your Local’s main events, stop work at some point during the day and take a selfie or a video holding a CWA picket sign to show your solidarity. You can send pictures to for us to share on the District 1 Facebook page.
  • Wear red as a sign of CWA solidarity with the National Day of Action.
  • In ATT Mobility, we will be doing a specific action and we will be providing the Locals with those details. Stay tuned!
  • In New York, call your legislator to support the NY HERO legislation—Health Essential Rights Order — which would require employers of essential workers to abide by strong COVID-19 health standards, establish worker safety committees in all essential workplaces, and provide other needed protections for essential workers — a disproportionate number of whom are workers of color. Click here to find your New York State Senator. Call their office and tell them, "We must protect all of New York's frontline essential workers. I urge you to support the NY HERO legislation!"

On July 20th, the labor movement will send a message to our members and to the public that “Labor Stands for Black Lives.” We must stand in solidarity with this vital, growing, and powerful movement which is transforming America.


Please do whatever you can on July 20th to show your Solidarity!


Thank you for everything you do,

Dennis Trainor

Vice President, CWA District 1

CWA District 1
80 Pine Street, 37th Floor
New York NY, 10005

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