Verizon has communicated to District 1 some changes to the Backup Care provisions which they have provided to their associates since the start of the pandemic.  The letter attached explains the cha

Good afternoon all it has come to our attention that there may be some of members who are receiving calls from potential scammers or hackers claiming they represent Blue Cross Blue Shield.

CWA continues to be at the forefront in promoting unity to improve our nation. In light of recent events, our union now more than ever, is committed to spreading this message of uniting working people across the spectrum. Whether on the job or in the community, our goals remain the same, respect and dignity for all. There are many resources on the CWA National website's Human Rights Department link.  Also to find out how you can be a part of the solution, inquire about the Local 1106 Civil Rights & Equity and Women's Committee (C.R.E.W).

You may recall last year that there was a planned Health Care Spending Account and Dependent Day Care Spending Account administrator change which was subsequently delayed and then cancelled.  Verizon notified us today that the change in administrator is now planned to be effective July 1, 2020.  Attached are summary slides for your reference and the communication that will be sent to participants.  A few key points are below.
  • Letters will be emailed and mailed to participants beginning Friday, May 15th.

Times have changed and we’re all adjusting to our “new” normal.  There’s one thing, however, that remains the same - the need to plan for retirement.  We’re excited to offer our new weekly, 20-minute webinar series.  Topics include:   Retirement Benefits, 401(k) Insights, The Role of a Financial Professional, Medicare and many more.   Check out this week’s topic and register online at  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Welcome to Webinar Wednesdays Presented by Blue Ocean Wealth Solutions!

Good afternoon brothers and sisters hope all is well. This afternoon our military servicemen and women of the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds will be conducting a flyover in the NYC metropolitan area. This is in tribute to all the frontline essential service workers, which include many CWA members, for their hardwork and sacrifice during the Covid-19 crisis. Please see the map below which details the flight pattern and estimated times for the flyover. Please maintain all safety protocols while participating. Be safe

Verizon and District 1 have agreed to extend LOA's entered into regarding the Covid-19 crisis.  The extension will now go until June 30 2020 for work at home agreement, home garaging, BrightHorizons backup care, and Essential worker bonuses.  Please click on the links below to see the actual LOA's