Verizon has communicated to District 1 some changes to the Backup Care provisions which they have provided to their associates since the start of the pandemic.  The letter attached explains the cha

Good afternoon all it has come to our attention that there may be some of members who are receiving calls from potential scammers or hackers claiming they represent Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Verizon Unions Win Model Paid Leave Policy for Coronavirus—Will Other Unions Demand the Same?

The following is a message from Kevin Service, Verizon Senior V.P. of Network Operations Northeast Region

Click on the link below to read CWA's best practices for working in customer locations. 

If you are feeling symptoms at any point you should stay home and contact a healthcare professional for guidance.  After that has happened you should be reaching out to your immediate supervisor informing them of your status. With that being said you should also reach out to your district steward and the local to inform the union of your status so we can ensure appropriate safety measures are being implemented at the affected work location.  If you have any questions in regards to any step of the process please feel free to reach out to your steward body and the Local.  

The Local has received word from Verizon that the preferred method of receiving applications related to Covid-19 is through if using an external device. If you are using a company device use the Verizon EWEB (VZWEB) Covid-19 Link.  If you are having issues with SSO access, contact your manager or call the IT Help Desk at Verizon.  The actual reporting of the leave remains the same, contact the DRC and then your supervisor.  

With the onset of this pandemic, you may have questions in regards to your rights in terms of Workers Compensation and possible exposure while working.  Our partners at Fine Olin & Anderman have put their expertise at our disposal with some answers to FAQ's you may have. Please click on the link below to see how this may apply to you.

We've just been informed by Verizon that the process for reporting a leave has been changed.  The forms provided last week, which included the fax and number and email for HR,  are no longer being accepted.  The new process now includes submitting your forms via a link on VZWEB.  If you have an issue accessing your VZWEB because you are now home and can't use your SSO, you should be contacting your manager so they can submit them for you.  We are in communications with the company in regards to streamlining this process to make it easier for members to comply.  

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