Verizon has communicated to District 1 some changes to the Backup Care provisions which they have provided to their associates since the start of the pandemic.  The letter attached explains the cha

Good afternoon all it has come to our attention that there may be some of members who are receiving calls from potential scammers or hackers claiming they represent Blue Cross Blue Shield.

NettWorth Financial Group has arranged several seminars this year in order to educate our members in regards to financial literacy and preparedness for impeding retirement. Please use the contact information contained in the flyer to attend one or all of the seminars

Effective February 1st 2020, Sedgwick will be the adminstrator of FMLA and leaves of absences for Verizon.  Claims issued prior to this date will automatically be transferred to Sedgwick.  Sedgwick will send you a letter outlining any actions you might need to take.  Beginning February 1st the requirements for issuing a claim will remain the same, such as calling out via the absence administrator or your supervisor.

On June 19th 2019 The NYS Assembly passed the NYS Call Center Jobs Act. This legislation had previously passed in the NYS Senate after years of being voted down. The unprecedented legislation gives the state greater ability to hold corporations accountable when and if they choose to move call center work out of the state. We want to thank all of our 1106 members and the 1106 LPAC, for the countless hours they devoted in seeing this through. 

Good afternoon brothers and sisters the applications for the Donna Castleberry Scholarship sponsored by NettWorth Financial, are now available to our members and their families.  The enrollment period is from Jan 1st 2020 to May 31st 2020. Here is the link to apply