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Countdown to Verizon Contract Expiration
August 5, 2023


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Tuesday November 17th 2020

This is Vic Igneri Local 1106 Election Committee Chairman

Happy Veterans Day to all our members and their families, who have served and continue to serve, we salute your sacrifice and courage in ensuring our nation remains safe and secure.  

Thursday November 5th

This is Election Committe Chairman Vic Igneri

Blue Ocean Wealth Solutions will be introducing new Webinars for our members beginning this week.  Please see the attached flyer for dates and registration information.

NettWorth Financial is introducing to our membership a new lineup of webinars regarding retirement and the recent surplus declared by Verizon.  Please see the attached flyer for dates and registrat

Verizon and District 1 have agreed to extend the current Home Garaging Agreement until November 30th. The letter is attached below.

Good afternoon brothers and sisters, today we've received a letter from Verizon to District 1, detailing their intention to declare a surplus in 28 job titles across FAA's 1-6.

Our partners at Blue Ocean Wealth Solutions are introducing to our members a weekly presentation via Zoom entitled Retire Confidently.  These will be held on Thursday nights at 6pm beginning Octobe

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