Today District 1VP Dennis Trainor and Verizon Sr.

The District and Verizon have extended the home garaging agreement for the ninth time. The agreement is now extended to April 30th 2021.  The link for the Letter of Agreement is below.

Verizon and District 1 have entered into a letter of agreement which adds Target Date Funds to the savings plan in the 401k.  The letter of agreement is attached below.

Verizon and District 1 have extended the home garaging agreement for the 8th time since the beginning of the pandemic. The extension is now until March 31st 2021.  Also the company has informed the District of changes to the hardship withdrawal regulations.  The letters of agreement are attached below. If you have any questions feel free to contact your steward body or the Local.

The ongoing agreements between District 1 and Verizon have been extended for those members who are working from home or participating in home garaging.  The work from home agreement has been extended to April 30th 2021 and the home garaging agreement is being extended to February 28th 2021. The letters of agreement are attached below.

Good day brothers and sisters, our partners at Blue Ocean Wealth Solutions are proud to announce a new schedule of webinars beginning in February.  Also they willl be conducting quarterly raffles for our member and their families of $500 Amazon Gift Cards.  The dates and registration information for both the webinars and raffles are provided in the attached links below.

NettWorth Financial has a couple of exciting announcements to begin the new year for our members.  There a new webinars scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2021 beginning on Thursday January 21st. The webinar dates and registration info are on the attached flyer.  Also the Donna Castleberry Scholarship Application period has begun and that information is attached as well. Please take advantage of the opportunities our partners are providing for our membership. 

Attention members the Local 1106 Daniel Carter Scholarship application has begun. This application is for the past fiscal year, which was delayed due to Covid-19.  The application period will run until January 28th 2021. The next scholarship raffle for the current fiscal year will be conducted as per the guidelines.  See the attached file for copies of the application. Please reach out to your district steward or the local office if you have any questions.  

  Due to the recent spike in Covid cases we have postponed the December General Membership scheduled for tomorrow. All members should continue to practice all safety protocols while working and at home.  If there are any questions regarding safety procedures, they should be addressed with the steward body or the  local for guidance, in addition to reporting it to local management.   Please stay in contact with your local steward body, the local's website, Facebook page, and of course the local offices for the most current information regarding the membership.  Stay safe 

Verizon and District 1 have agreed to extend the home garaging agreement until December 31, 2020. A copy of the letter of agreement is attached below.  If you have any questions please contact your local steward body and of course the local office.

PDF icon home_garaging_-fifth_renewal_11.23.202014278.pdf

Tuesday November 17th 2020

This is Vic Igneri Local 1106 Election Committee Chairman

The challenge period for the Local 1106 2020 Election is now officially over.  The tentative election results are now final.  The elected candidates terms begin on January 1st 2021 for a period of three years ending on December 31st 2023.  Once again I would like to thank the Election Committee and the 1106 administrative staff for the work they put into this election.  Thank you and stay safe.