NettWorth Financial is introducing to our membership a new lineup of webinars regarding retirement and the recent surplus declared by Verizon.  Please see the attached flyer for dates and registrat

Verizon and District 1 have agreed to extend the current Home Garaging Agreement until November 30th. The letter is attached below.

Good afternoon brothers and sisters, today we've received a letter from Verizon to District 1, detailing their intention to declare a surplus in 28 job titles across FAA's 1-6.

Our partners at Blue Ocean Wealth Solutions are introducing to our members a weekly presentation via Zoom entitled Retire Confidently.  These will be held on Thursday nights at 6pm beginning October 15th.  Please see the attached flyer below for information regarding dates, registration, and availability.

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For our Verizon members the annual open enrollment period for health and insurance begins today October 6th 2020 and ends on October 15th 2020. Please be sure to review all your coverages and beneficiaries to ensure that the information is there and current. Be sure to also fill out the Wellness Assessment.   If there are any issues you can reach out to the local for guidance, or you can contact Verizon Benefits directly. 

We are officially announcing the renewal of the Covid-19 agreements between Verizon and District 1 in regards to home garaging and work from home arrangements.  Though both have been extended, the lengths differ between the arrangements.  The work from home agreement has been extended to January 31 2021 and the home garaging agreement has been extended to October 31, 2020.  There is a copy of the agreements attached below. 

The Local 1106 Executive Board would like to thank all the members who attended our September 2020 Budget/Membership meeting.  We realize with all the new protocols and procedures in place that many members were apprehensive, but we appreciate all those who came and complied with all the social distancing and tracing guidelines, and made it go as smoothly as possible.  A special thank you to the staff at Antun's Catering for all their hardwork in ensuring that our members had a safe space to meet.  The next scheduled Membership meeting is December 8th 2020, location TBD.  

Here's wishing you and your families a happy and safe Labor Day weekend

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Attached is the letter from the Local 1106 Election Committee in regards to the upcoming elections for Local 1106 positions.

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To All Members

The next Local 1106 General Membership/ Budget Meeting will be held on Tuesday September 22, 2020 at 5:30pm.

NettWorth Financial Group has scheduled several webinars over the next few weeks for Local 1106 members.  The topics will change weekly. Please see the flyer for dates and times, as well as, how to register to attend.